This image is dedicated to all the amazing people working as part of the emergency services around our country. These people have lives of there own with families surrounding them, yet they risk everything for public safety – complete strangers to them. They are courageous and heroic and to hear that they had dealt with the situation at London Bridge within 8 minutes is mind blowing.

I’ve found it hard this past couple of weeks to regain myself positively since the Manchester attack, and then to be in a place just hours before another attack happens makes me feel lifeless. But knowing how insanely brave our community and society is, is just incredible. Knowing that help is only a phone call away, how wonderful is that?

If we can take one thing from this incident, it would be that we KNOW we can trust them. Let’s always treat them with respect, honour and commend them & give them what they deserve – all the praise in the world.