I AM THRILLED TO FINALLY ANNOUNCE (to the internet world!) THAT I'LL NOW BE HOLDING SELF PORTRAIT WORKSHOPS and my very first one will be in Tunbridge Wells on the 26th May 2018. The workshop is designed to help photographers gain more confidence in creating ideas, shooting and editing conceptual self portraits. If you want to know more information about the workshop and what it will entail, leave your email address below or send me a direct message and I will send you the information brochure!!! (I'm also now offering 1-to-1 workshops tooo - message me for more info! ♥️)

- I said in yesterday's video that I had a very exciting prop/outfit to use in today's image (I sneak peeked it in Mondays video if you want to see), but I woke up this morning absolutely exhausted and wasn't mentally prepared to shoot such a heavy concept. I'm a little disappointed but I have big plans for it and I will be shooting with it in the next few weeks! With that said, I decided to keep it simple today. ★

I will be filming a reflection video on the things I've learnt from this project in the next week, along with the prop making video that I mentioned yesterday in my instagram stories. 

But for now, SLEEEEEEP! 


Watch the behind the scenes and the final day here: