I would just like to start off by telling everyone how much of a deep person I am, I think I get it from my dad, who is Mr. Motivational Life Quote. I work by encouraging and motivational thoughts and I usually am very positive. On the surface.

Veins began as a project at university, the idea came from a university module. The topic of the module was inside outside. It got me thinking deep and hard about inside and outside and how I could incorporate it into a photography project. My main gut instinct (no pun intended) was to look at the inside of the body however, I couldn’t bring myself to photograph blood guts and gore for real.

This brought me on to looking at veins, now I know veins are inside the body but they don’t creep me out as much. I think its the beauty of veins and how they work. How the blood is travelling around your body and million miles and hour keeping you going. I don’t think veins get much credit personally! I then got onto thinking about how veins can represent so many things. How they are so small yet such a big part of the body. I thought of how the blood gushes through the body, with no qualms, on its little journey to and from the heart. It made me think of day to day life, everybody is on the journey. Different journeys for different people, a journey to work, to the park, to their holiday, to visit loved ones, to their favourite place or maybe to do some kind of sport.

It made me think about life and how we are all living, how living is such a precious thing to us, yet so many people take it for granted. Why ruin the life you live now, if your not going to have a second chance?

Veins have their own purpose in life, people have their own purpose in life. You! have your own purpose in this world. If your purpose is to be a Doctor, go diagnose people! If you want to be a pilot, go fly those planes! If you want to be a librarian, go read those books! If you want to be an artist, paint! If you want to be a photographer, photograph!!

This project really motivated me, made me feel as though I wanted to achieve, it was a real eye opener in terms of the possibilities of my chosen career path.

I studied my own insecurities and how these effected my life. I’ve had a few hard times, times that I will never forget but I am so grateful happened. I really wouldn’t be the person I am now if it wasn’t for those precious upsets. The blood in the veins keep going, why shouldn’t I?

These images represent the good emotions, the bad emotions and the emotions that I will never forget until my life has gone. I want to make a stamp on the world, be something that I’ve always dreamed of being.

I want to motivate people into being open about their insecurities, make people aware that they are not alone.