Phew! I've only just found the time to sit down to edit this image (which I shot on Friday) after shooting two weddings and doing a 1-2-1 session this weekend, it's been non-stop!

I went for an eye test on Thursday and my eye prescription has changed. I've been noticing it for a few months now but only just managed to remind myself to book an appointment this past week. (This is a friendly reminder to all those that need to book an eye test, do it now haha!) After I had my test I had no time to get some new glasses so for the whole weekend I've been dealing with a slight squint in my eyes, in an effort to sharpen my vision whilst shooting the weddings! (glasses wearers will understand the pain 👌)

Anyway, my aim for this week is to get some new ones, but I lovveeeee my old Bailey Nelson ones (not spon lol) they are super cheap and comfy!