PLAYING WITH FIRE - #HotelsWithHolly

To start my new YouTube series 'Hotels With Holly', I thought I'd kick off the season with a stop in a shepherds hut; not too far from Glastonbury! The new series will follow my travels as a wedding photographer around the country, as I stay over in some cool and quirky hotels. My aim is to shoot a conceptual image at each hotel/location to channel my creative ideas as I open myself up to new and exciting places! (Plus I get super lonely on my travels, so this keeps me distracted!)

I wanted to start with something quite abstract and whilst I was bouncing my ideas around the shepherds hut, testing out a few locations, I had a wave of anxiety about shooting in a privately owned place. I glanced to the right and began staring at a pile of logs whilst the idea formed in my mind about playing with fire. The anxiety that had overcome me seemed to have manifested itself into idea and I decided to roll with it!