A few weeks ago I shot with the awesome Nora on the riverbed of the Thames near the Tate in London. I’ve shot here before but because I was working with twins the shoot results were completely different to this. (I like both!)

Myself and Nora met on a commercial app shoot a few months ago and Nora’s presence in front of the camera was so inspiring, she knew exactly how to move her body and from that moment I knew that I would be working with her again and again. For this shoot I wanted to test out a new way of shooting, I wanted to keep moving without stopping stale in on place for longer than a few seconds. We only had an hour to shoot so every 15 minutes we changed outfits and put a timer on so that we knew when to change, it was a real challenge but so much fun to do! Of course I filmed everything so I will be popping it on my channel sometime soon! Go subscribe if you haven’t