A few weeks ago I had a bad experience with calling 999 (it could have been serious but it wasn’t, and in the end it all got sorted). Since then I’ve been having vivid anxiety dreams about my lack of control in certain situations.


One of these dreams began with Jack and I moving to a new house. We were settling down for bed after moving the boxes up to our balcony on our new bedroom. As we drifted off in the smokey, drafty, old room (we had left the fires on, burning throughout the house) Ryan Gosling & David Attenborough charged through the door with swords in their hands. David scurried off to find our valuables and Ryan held the sword up to my throat. I noticed a heavy, rusty key in the door and as I pulled it out of the door it grew 5x it’s size. I lifted it above my head and brought it down on top of Ryan, it smashed into his skull and he fell back into a slump on the bed. (Baring in mind Jack was still asleep hahaha). David rushed into the room, threw Ryan over his shoulder, shuffled down the stairs and disappeared. I turned to my house phone (who even has a house phone nowadays!?) and it was a giant machine that looked like an industrial printer. I noticed it had a fax machine on the top of it so I tried to dial 999. As I pressed the number 9, it changed to a 3, I pressed it again and it changed to a 1. I tried to dial it again and it repeated the numbers again. I was getting more and more frustrated by this point. Finally I managed to get through to the police, and as I said hello, Jack woke up! I asked him our address and he said number 13 Chaudbauk (!?!). I explained to them what had happened and within moments they arrived. The police car was a tiny little car with Christmas lights on and it chugged along down our drive way at what felt like 2mph. Out popped a woman who was the size of a lamppost, and a woman the size of a shetland pony. They trotted into the house and the first thing they asked me was ‘Why did you leave your fires on?’. (Don’t ask me, why am I even having this dream?!?!) The police entered our bedroom, a choir of ghosts appeared and lined the edge of the room, they pitched in as the women questioned me about the burglary but only I could hear them. This went on for a good few moments until the police left and I was sat on my bed in disbelief as to what just happened. I stood up and walked onto my balcony, I breathed in the night air and I began to have a nostalgic memory about a place we used to live that was similar to this new house, but instead of it having stairs in the house, they were on the outside. I glanced to my left and I saw a gym with the lights glaring through the windows down onto the grass beneath the house.

I woke up. I told Jack. I thought about this dream all day and ever since. My mind is wild.