I mostly took time off from shooting conceptual self portraits whilst I was travelling this month. Mainly because I wanted to be present and soak in the surroundings, without the added pressure of shooting (too much, anyway). During the trip I became distracted and felt myself falling back into a fearful default mode, almost as though I had regressed into a past self. The confidence that I had in my work started to fade and I began questioning why I do what I do - a far too familiar feeling. 

There’s a few experiences that opened my mind whilst travelling the Philippines, I believe these particular moments were a catalyst that sent me into auto pilot mode. (I’ll be creating a series of images and talking about these experiences in the future.)

Anyway, whilst feeling this way I decided to pick up my camera again. Myself and Jack hopped on our moped and ventured down to the beach in Siargao to catch the sunset. We went with no agenda, no concept in mind, and it was super refreshing to push the reset button and regain focus on where my priorities lie. I felt the pang of excitement that I had always felt before, and it reminded me to never stop. It was a beautifully peaceful experience.