Today I got my upper helix pierced and it hasn’t quite sunk in yet! Finaaalllyy, after YEARS of wanting it and not having the courage to do it, I did it! All with the help of Lena, who has taught me a lot about embracing things and just not giving a fuck. I once tried to pierce it when I was 13/14, with a needle, pressing my ear up next to a radiator (which is what a school friend told me to do hahahhhh… bad idea!). The pain wasn’t worth it so I stopped before it went through and my ear just swelled up and stayed red for the next few weeks (would NOT recommend!). Anyway, I came home all inspired and decided to create this image! I’m loving the notion of chance and experimentation today, taking a step back from pressures and limiting art ideals. I opened this image up into photoshop and although it isn’t as thorough as I’d usually edit, it was satisfying and easy, and that’s what I needed today. Something to take my mind off the fact I have to sleep on the opposite ear for the next 8 weeks 🙄😂 (which also happens to be my worse side to sleep on🙈) Any advice for looking after piercings as they heal?