DAY 1/7

“Never make the mistake of thinking you are alone — or inconsequential. Ignorance is voluntary and confusion is temporary. You see the world as-is, which is more than can be said for the vast populace.” RM

I’m not the best at writing stories, but I wanted to explain the inspiration behind this image, and the only way I can, is if I tell the story of the two, four leaf clovers.

Around 10 years ago when I was 14-15, I was away on a school ski trip with all my friends having the best time. I love skiing, it’s my happy place so I was extremely excited and thrilled to be there. 

Rewind to a few weeks before the trip, and I was out walking with friends and I came across a four leaf clover. At the time it felt amazing to find one, we all know how hard it is and we’ve probably all sifted through endless three leaf clovers in hope to find a precious four leaf-er. Anyway, within seconds of finding the four leaf clover, I came across another one. I get WAY too over excited by little happenings like this, so I was probably squealing at the fact I had found them both. I decided to keep them and take them home with me, but as we were out on a walk, I had nowhere to put them so I pressed them into the back of my phone case. When I got home, I had completely forgotten about them (I’m not sure how, maybe my little brain was already on to the next excitement - probably food!). 

Fast forward back to the school trip! It was dinner time, and we were sat the dining tables talking to the teachers, just pleasantly enjoying our food and the company. After we had finished the food we carried on chin-wagging, and me and my friend ended up being the only two pupils left chatting with the teachers. I was fiddling with my phone case whilst we sat chatting and didn’t think anything of it at the time. When we got up to leave, almost out of the room, I realised that whilst I had been sat playing with my phone case, the two four leaf clovers had fallen out onto the floor, underneath the table. I stopped my friend to ask her to wait whilst I went back, innocently, to pick them up. I want to say now, at this point, that looking back on the story I was probably too sensitive and I’m known to take things too literal, but still. As I got back to the table, one of the teachers asked, in a rather confused way, what I was doing. I instantly thought, how on earth can I explain this story to her, in the quickest way possible, without sounding stupid. So I just said it straight to her, that I had found two four leaf clovers and they had dropped to the floor. She nodded at me with a little more confused ‘Ah, ok’. I reached down to the floor, picked them up and hopped out of the room to my friend. 

My friend then turned around to me and explained that as I had bent down to get the clovers, I was mocked by the teachers. The teacher that asked me what I was doing, had always had some rather odd beef with me, she was always sarcastic and questioned everything I did. We got on normally, but in the past we’d had some words. My friend explained that she had pulled a face, as if to say, ‘What the actual fuck is this crazy girl doing’ (how she explained it). I was absolutely mortified and devastated at their reaction. I was young, impressionable and feeling insecure as a teenage anyway, I did not need teachers that I looked up to, mocking something that I had felt a moment of happiness from. What kind of people do that? As well, we had been having some really funny conversations and deep chats about life and moving forward. So for her to mock me after all that, undid anything that had made me feel good that evening. 

For years I thought back to how embarrassed I was in that moment, how it effected and upset me. Why did responsible adults feel the need to ridicule a young girl in a quest to retrieve an object that gave her hope and positivity for the future. 

I’m now absolutely over it, and even writing this story makes me laugh out loud. But it taught me that everybody has their little ways, their quirks, the things that make them happy. I realised that we shouldn’t undermine people and make them feel small through of judgement of circumstance. There is absolutely no need to make a child/teenage feel like they are stupid. 

Hope you enjoyed my ramblings, they might not make sense, but it was a cathartic process nonetheless. 

(P.s sorry for all the grammar mistakes) 


A Connection

Day 2/7

Something a little different for me today! When I started this challenge I knew I had to push myself and create images/ideas that could potentially be difficult to execute. & BOY was this a bloody work out, my abs are now in bits from balancing on the stool 😂 I was sweating from places I didn't know existed but I *think* it was all worth it!


Wood Nymph

Day 3/7

This morning I frolicked through the forest with (gale force) wind in my hair and thorns in my feet. It always feels so liberating and freeing to strip back in the woods, there's no better feeling!

Thank you to Jack for helping me create this, and always supporting my visions!


For my wonderful Nan - Sylvia Rose 🌹

Day 4/7

I dreamt about my Nan & Grandad last night and knew, when I woke up from the dream, that today's image was going to represent them. Thank you for always encouraging me and listening to my whacky ideas without judgement, providing me with the wisdom and confidence to carry on! ♥️


The Wishing Star

Day 5/7

The 'Star' is one of my favourite symbols. I used to find myself drawing stars at school every lesson, trying to perfect the 'one line' star (..not taking your pen off the page), never quite making it equal on all sides.


6 years of making my life lighter, more airy. 🎈

Day 6/7

Ahhhhh a late one today because I've been spending my day with this guy. We had the most hilarious time trying to shoot this image, SO many funny misfired shots & ugly faces, but it was all worth it! 😂 I've not even started the edit for the video, but I'm determined to get it up before the end of the day as I have a super exciting day planned for my birthday tomorrow! (It may also involve a rather large balloon 😏)


25 - The year I stop putting unnecessary pressure on myself and take the time I need to express my ideas (without the worry of letting people down)! Balance is the priority 🕯

DAY 7/7


That’s it, I’ve finished!! 7 images and 7 videos in 7 days!! (Well almost, but my Birthday didn’t count 😜) I’ve just filmed the Q&A so it will be up in the final video later today! 

Thank you so much for all the support over the past week, it’s been amazing!! It was a real challenge, but the most rewarding project I’ve ever undertaken. I highly recommend you do this project if you are feeling like you need to express yourself and practise new techniques. (& tag me in it if you dooo, I’d love to see!) ⭐️