Hey guys,

So as some of you may of may not know I have recently started a 52 week project by Let’s Get Creative. Its basically a self-portrait a week for one full year! I thought I’d take on a new challenge in the new year to keep me motivated and keep my creative juices flowing. It’s working so far! I want to improve my editing techniques and I know this project will help me do so on a regular basis. As its almost the end of January I wanted to recap the images that I have created this month. The weeks re-new each Thursday and I know some of the weeks will over lap into months so I’ll just compile the images from the past 4/5 weeks, depending on which ones I have posted in the previous blog post, and so on!

Each week we are given a word to gain inspiration from, here’s the complete word list for the year:


Week 1/52: Elements

Unfortunately due to university deadline’s I was unable to shoot for the first weeks image. I reallllllyyyy didn’t want to miss out because otherwise I probably wouldn’t of wanted to start from week 2. So I decided to use an image that I had shot in November/December time which related to the subject really well.

At peace beneath the waves

This year has consisted of some serious ups and downs and roundabouts and its been hard to adjust from one thing to the next, However I am slowly (but surely) coming to terms with how much life changes. I’ve had to let the waves of emotion take me to the places they wanted me to go.

This image is about dealing with those emotions and keeping the strength through each change in your life. By letting the wave engulf your body, however little you are able control it, you know that when the wave has passed you are a better, more stronger you.


Week 2/52: Spherical

So as this was my first proper shoot for the project I wanted to make it a really special one, so I decided to document my process of shooting from the original idea, taking the image, culling, and editing. I did this by shooting a short youtube video which you can view down below or follow this link: Let’s Get Creative, 52 Week Project – Week 2: Spherical | Holly Rose Stones

All in good time.

In this weeks image I took the concept of time and how over the past few months I have felt like I have been wasting it. My original idea was to have the clock in the form of a medal around my neck, to represent using time wisely to work hard to achieve success.However when shooting the image I felt it was too comical and I wanted to represent all the emotions that I had around feeling lazy and the lack of confidence I have had in my work. I’ve been through a lot of changes recently, that were out of my control and I let them get the better of me. Every moment felt like a waste of time. I have slowly but surely managed to pull myself up and I am now embracing change and a positive mindset has brought a lot of positive things! All in good time.


Week 3/52: Morning

Put your phone down and see the world

This image is inspired by what I do every morning without fail. I always imagine what it would be like without mobile phones and the easy access to the internet. What would I do instead the instant I wake up? I lay there for up to an hour, flicking through thinking that things may have changed over night. They usually haven’t.

Maybe I’m worried of missing things, but why? If I miss them, then so what? I need to take a leaf out of my own book and stop picking up my phone every time I wake up.


Week 4/52: Music


I rarely listen to music, unless its on the radio! I do like music, but I love being swept away in my own thoughts and I think music can sometimes distract me from my freedom. Its an odd way to think about it but I love silence! I think my problem with music is that I buy an album then listen to it far to much and I get bored and want to go back to silence.Anyway I’ve recently just joined a gym and I have a mission to finally get fit and change my lifestyle. Music obviously comes hand in hand when it comes to working out and boosting motivation. I recently started listening to Clean Bandit’s new album and its such an unusual, new type of music and I’m slowly falling in love.The image for this week was more of a metaphor of change and persistence for me. I feel so much more alive and happy again! Music or not, with persistence I am slowly (but surely) achieving goals and things that I thought I would never do!


Week 5/52: Reflection

A Childs Mind

This week I went home (to Doncaster) for the weekend to celebrate my Dads and Sister birthday. They share the same birthday (2nd Feb) exactly 30 years apart & yes, if you are wondering, of course we had two cakes!

I had little time to shoot for the 52 week project this week but I knew wanted to shoot at home. I was thinking this week about how I feel when I go home; secure, loved, comfortable, happy and like a child again! So this weeks image was inspired by feeling like a child in an adults mind.


Week 6/52: Weather

Avoiding the rain

Trying to avoid the rain but being flooded nevertheless. My philosophy in life has always been to be kind to everyone, and you will receive what you deserve from these actions in time.

However there have been many times in my life where I have been kind and not received the kindness back. We are unable to control the actions of others around us, but we can control our own and we should stand true to ourselves. What I learnt from these short lessons in life is that you can’t be kind to receive kindness, you should drop all expectations as to not be disappointed in return.


Week 7/52: Quiet


I love peace a quiet, its actually one of my favourite things. If theres too much noise such as music or a tv on in the background and I’m frustrated, I’ll turn it off and I will instantly feel calmer.

Week 8/52: Mythology

Look to the sun

Inspired by Theia (mother of the sun), goddess of gold, silver and all that glitters and her possession of the gift of prophecy.

Week 9/52: Soft

The soft candle flame stretched high.

How ironic that an element so dangerous and destructive can bring so much pleasure and warmth to the heart and soul. Candles make me super happy!

I haven’t had a huge amount of time this week to shoot for the 52 week project, but I managed to catch this image whilst shooting for my final major project last week.

Week 10/52: Growth

Growing Home

Moving away from home has got to the up there with the hardest, most proudest times of my life. Reaching out and growing up has helped me to understand who I am and why I am on this floating earth.

Week 11/52: Time

What’s Stopping You?

So I’ve had a really busy week with lots of new and exciting things happening. I shot my image for this weeks theme, ‘time’ and it did. not. go. right. So I decided to scrap it and move on. I think I needed it though because it made me realise how hard it is to stay motivated for a project like this. Especially when trying to juggle a business and a degree. My head is usually flying around in the clouds trying to search for different aspects I can use in an image, what I think will make it look unusual and if it is achievable. I had been so far up in the clouds that I had lost all sight of where I wanted to travel with my photography. This image is a still from my most recent Youtube video, and is simply me with my camera (well my back up one!) sitting in front of a ‘What’s Stopping You?’ print. I put this poster up around 2/3 weeks ago and I can honestly tell you it has changed me. (Along with a few other things too!) I got so run down with thinking how little time I had to do everything that I always stopped myself from progressing. I STOPPED myself from doing things that I wanted to do because I was afraid. Now each time I see this print I make lists in my head of what is stopping me from progressing. It helps me to analyse why I may or may not be doing things that I want to. It has helped me this week to produce this particular Youtube video and to get cracking with life!!


Week 12/52: Senses

Seeing Spring

The clocks are changing on Sunday and its now officially spring, so this weeks image was inspired by the imminent fun and happiness that brighter days and warmer nights will bring.

Week 13/52 – Pride

I am Proud

So these past couple of weeks I have been creating my portfolio and quite frankly I couldn’t be happier with how much my work has progressed. The book includes my beauty and fashion photography as it’s something I want to get into more (along side my weddings!) once I have finished university. Creating the portfolio has been such a soul cleanser this week because (as all photographers and artists may experience) I doubt my ability constantly and always believe I am not good enough. After looking at my work in print I have felt a sense of utter pride and I am so pleased with how far I have come since finding photography as an art form.


Week 14/52 – Flight

I’m so busy with my university work (only a few weeks to go and I’ll be graduating yey!) that I haven’t had chance to shoot specifically for the 52 week project. However I have been out shooting for my final major project. The project is based on living away from home, having two homes and finding it difficult to adapt to a new social and living environment. This is an outtake image from one of the shoots, that didn’t make the final cut. I thought it fitted the subject of flight perfectly, as I have essentially ‘flown the nest’ and its been hard (and exciting of course!!) to adjust to a different way of life.


Week 15/52 – Imperfections

Imperfect home

This weeks image is also taken from my final major project and the exploration of feeling incomplete about what is classed as ‘home’. Throughout this project I have realised that home, in a sense, is just a word, a word fabricated to make us feel safe and secure. It is a place that we long for when we are away. Home is what you make of it, a place where the little things matter, problems are solved, films are watched, food is eaten, laughter is absorbed, and love is shared. Focusing on these  aspects of where I am living, has certainly made me feel more at home. Transcribe this as you will, but know that the imperfect place, could be the perfect home with the power of your own perspective.


Week 16/52 – Scale

New Flame

I wanted to play around with the idea of looking up to a light thats bigger than you. A sort of metaphor for admiration of other people. I admire so many people in the industry, and as I have progressed over the past few years with my photography, I have learned to love and appreciate them. There have been times when I have hated others, when they have made me cry with envy. However I have now learnt to love and to admire in a way that I am grateful for their support and their work that drives me to do mine.


 Week 17/52 – Jungle

I’m ready to fly

 I finish university soon and boy am I ready to fly! Bring on the big bad world!


 Week 18/52 – Power

The power of acceptance

Learning to accept has been a real turning point in my life this month, I have learnt to accept and embrace the success of others around me and not doubt my own. What I do with my life is down to me, no-one else, so to accept my own actions first and foremost is a stairway in the right direction from my anxieties.


Week 19/52 – Stimulate

Word of the week: Light

Week 20/52 – Virtual takeover

Word of the week: Busyness

When I took this picture last week for the 52 week project I was so run down and overwhelmed with how much I had to do after I had finished my degree. (Hopefully graduating in July, yey!) It felt like a never ending story, a roundabout of stress with no exit. Going from stressing about completing university work, to the degree show we have to put together, to running my photography business and letting my social life slip away. My phone is the epicentre of my anxieties. I LOVE sitting on Pinterest and organising fun shoots and talking to clients about weddings and all that jazz. But on the other hand I have a terrible habit of checking my emails and social media every 5 minutes! (I’m sure everyone has experienced this at some point!). I then feel trapped in the world of Mr Internet and thats when I feel a lack of control and uncertainty.

Since taking this image last week I’ve felt a huge surge of positivity and I’m feeling extra excited for the future, its so strange how emotions can change so dramatically. I was reluctant to post this today because I didn’t feel that it represented my true emotions, but thats because they have shifted so much in the space of a week. I’ve sat on this image for around 4/5 days now, and the reason I wanted to post it today is because noticing my weaknesses is the first step to taking controlling them and improving myself and well being. Understanding the things that make me anxious is the first step to controlling my productivity. Resulting in a huge drop in procrastination this week!

Ignore my ramblings if you wish, but anyone feel me?

Week 21/52 – Juxtaposition

Being in one place, but feeling another. 

Week 22/52 – Love

I’m admittedly a little behind on my 52 week project, which pains me to say because I was so determined at the beginning of the year to submit them on time each week! I have had some technical issues and ALOT of things to work out, but I am BACK!!

Week 22’s word was ‘Love’, and considering that this weekend coming is the biggest wedding of the year within my family, I thought it would be a perfect time to post!

Love is in the air, do do do do do do do!


23/52 – Chrysalis

Calm and mindful we will be,
Into the wilderness we will see,
Energy floating in the tree,
We will land in one, two, three.

Word of the Week: Simplicity


24/52 – Degree

Week 24 of my 52 week project, I’m almost half way!

Ironically this week I graduated from the University of Westminster with a 2:1 in Photographic Arts, and got myself a DEGREE!

I know there is a big debate wether to go to university to study photography, but I can honestly say it has been well worth it in my little world. It enabled me to have the time (e.g around 4/5 months off in the summer woo!) to focus on my art and also grow my business. It has been invaluable because I have been able to leave university with the ability to go full time as a photographer.

Word of the Week: Temperature


25/52 – Double

Word of the Week: Double


26/52 – I trust myself

Word of the week: Trust


It’s a little bit late, but better late than never!! I LOVE this months images, these are definitely some of my favourite images I’ve taken this year – I can’t explain how much the 52 week project has given me in terms of development and learning with photography. In January I decided to start this project as a side project to my third year of university. For the past 15+ years of my life I’ve been in education (I know its not for everyone!) but the fear of coming out of university with no deadlines or anyone to answer to but myself petrified the living daylight out of me. I took up the project as an extended deadline, something that I could control myself but also pushed my boundaries and test my abilities. University was a weird time, I studied Photographic Arts at the University of Westminster. Although I was being ‘taught’ about photography, it wasn’t pushing me enough in terms of my technical and visual ability. (I’ll be writing a blog post soon about my full university experience!) So this project has provided myself with a self-controlled ‘only me to answer to’ project. I think this has to be the best project/work I have produced and I can’t wait to see the final 52 images at the end! But for now, here are my July images:

27/52 faculty of consciousness

Word of the week: Mind


Week 28 – Lost in the woods

Word of the Week: Lost


29/52 – safety on the shore

I have a huge fear of boats, mainly from a few bad experiences I have had in the past.

The fear of being out of control, the unknown and the ever changeable tide makes it worse.

There is something though, about being under a boat rather than above it. I think I prefer it that way. I’ll keep my feet planted on the ground for now, until someone can prove to me that being at sea is fun.

This was taken at Dungeness on the Kent coast.


30/52 – The Crown on the Throne

Word of the week: Film


31/52 – Yield

Word of the week: Spirit


These are, again, some of my favourite images of the year. The amount I have improved since the start is mind blowing. I wouldn’t even leave the house to shoot self portraits at the beginning of the year, and now I’m getting naked in a forest at 5:30 in the morning?! Crazy!

Also I had a really hectic time in August/September so I’m only just catching up on the 52 week project, technically I haven’t completed it properly, but at the begging of this year I told my self that I would complete this by the 31st December 2015. So I’m currently catching up in any possible way that I can, and I’m happy with that!

32/52 – Starstruck

Word of the week: Darkness

View large on Flickr, here.

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about all the people who influence and have an effect on my life. Wether that be friends and family, peers on social media, strangers, photographers, artists, actors, actresses, bloggers, celebrities etc etc. It’s crazy how these interactions with other humans can change your own perspectives on how you view and handle certain situations. I believe strongly in surrounding yourself with people who change and challenge your own beliefs. I think its something we all need when we are walking this journey we call life. So to all those stars in my eyes, wether you know it or not, Thank you for being there.

*Especially Jack who helped me with this photo!!


33/52 An autumn lull

Word of the week: Energy

View large on Flickr, here.


34/52 Freedom

Word of the week: Freedom

View large on flickr, here.

Nothing says freedom like standing half naked in a forest at 5:30am on a cold September morning.


35/52  Shelter

Word of the week: Shelter

View large on Flickr, here.

Where we love is home – home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts. – Oliver Wendall Holmes, Sr.


36/52 – 4 Years

Word of the week: Adventure

This photo was taken by my boyfriend Jack on our 4 year anniversary. To see more of the set from our mini self-portrait couple shoot.

See large on Flickr, here.

37/52 – Kakorrhaphiophobia

The fear of failure.

Word of the week: Fear

What are you afraid of?

See large on Flickr, here.

38/52 – Coated

Word of the week: Fairytale

See large on Flickr, here


39/52 – Unlikeliness

It’s crazy what ideas I’ve been coming up with recently. I’ve gone from floating hair words, to covering my face in glitter, to now a floating picture frame with an ikea special fake plant.

And that’s what I call unlikeliness.


This month has been a very graphic, abstract and contemporary month for my 52 Week Project!

I wanted to incorporate my love for straight lines and clean backgrounds in the images and also incorporate some more subtle hand made props to compliment the graphic style.

40/52 – Head Drive

Word of the week: Technology

See large on Flickr, here.


41/52 – Dogmatic

By definition: inclined to lay down principles as undeniably true.

I for one know I am sometimes highly opinionated when it comes to certain subjects. But on the other hand, I know a lot of people who are too.

Truth until proven otherwise. I always love a good debate.

See large on Flickr, here.


42/52 – Cloud 10

Word of the week: Calm

See large on Flickr, here.


43/52 – Beat

Word of the week: Alive

See larger on Flickr, here.


44/52 – The Seam

Word of the week: Layers

See large on Flickr, here.


45/52 – Instinct

Word of the week: Texture

See large on Flickr, here.


46/52 – Rooted

Word of the week: Wilderness

See large on Flickr, here.


47/52 – Absent Stories

Word of the week: Story

‘A story told becomes a necklace of the listener.’

When I read that this weeks word was to be ‘Story’, I told myself to create a photo around a fictional story or tell one that I already knew. I thought and thought and my mind went blank.

They were absent from my mind. I had forgotten, I had taken the necklace off and lost it.

I aim to listen more, to learn and to read more in the new year.

See large on Flickr, here.


48/52 – Bored

Word of the week: Home

At the beginning of the year I was working on my final major project for university around the subject ‘Home’. You can view the full project here on my blog: Home Project

Or view the images on Flickr here: Home Project Flickr.

When it come to focusing this weeks image around the word Home, I just sighed. I feel like I’ve already resolved my issues with Home (It’ll make sense if you read the blog post), so this image is titled Bored. I’m moving onto the next word now, I just didn’t want to leave this one out.

See large on Flickr, here.


49/52 – Constellation

Word of the week: Detail

See large on Flickr, here.


50/52 –

Word of the week: Abandonment

See large on Flickr, here.


51/52 – Find life in the Journey

Word of the week: Journey

See large on Flickr, here.


52/52 – YES!

Word of the week: Comfort

I aim to say YES! to many many more photographic challenges in this next year, and really reach out of my comfort zone. Myself and Jack went on a 2 hour christmas country walk and all we talked about was how we much we wanted to reach out of our comfort zones and never let ourselves turn stale. We were so intwined in thoughts and feelings on how we wanted to move more, live more and be more. I’m so content with where my work is going, but I know I have a LOT of work to do. I’m ready for you!

I’ve finished!!!! Just in time for 2016!!

What an amazing feeling this is, something that I started all those weeks ago, I have actually completed. It feels so good. I’ve been used to deadlines all my life with school, college and university. But this time it feels different. I think it is because I set the target myself and I actually achieved my goal of completing a 52 week project. It also is a representation of how I want the next few years of my career to pan out. I had doubts throughout this year and its been such a struggle to understand what it takes to create a flourishing photography career. This challenge has made me realise how important time, patience and courage are towards achieving my dreams. Setting myself a goal, that only I had to answer to was so important in teaching myself the importance of self discipline, motivation and growth of knowledge.

I created and experimented with so many different styles throughout the project and I’m so happy that I was able to prevail. I created images inspired by other people, by myself, by the mass market, the mass media, the exploration of my own insecurities and those of others, love, hope, misunderstanding and all the rest. The result being a positive body of work that I am SUPER proud of. Don’t get me wrong though, I look back and think of ways that I can improve almost ALL these images and I kick myself at things that I ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t’ have done. But I am so proud that I was able to explore photography in a way that was for myself, and no one else. There are definitely images that weren’t as successful as others, and some that I used because I ‘had to get it done’. However, knowing and accepting defeat on those weeks was not acceptable in my mind, and by getting through those weeks, it enabled me to create things I never thought I could on the more successful weeks.

I’ve picked up so many editing techniques of the last 52 weeks too. I will be sharing some techniques over the next month or so as we come into 2016. However I have already started uploading speed edits and short youtube clips which you can view, here!

I urge all aspiring or even established photographers and artists to undertake a 52 week project. I’ve gained so SO much confidence in my work and myself. I’ve learnt things and pushed myself to the absolute limit at times (lots of laughter and tears!!!!!!!!). I got to around week 25 and admittedly I did end up around 10 weeks behind which took everything in my soul to catch up on. At the beginning of the year I told myself that NO MATTER WHAT. I would finish this, and I bloody well did! (minus a few catch up weeks but I’m letting myself off there because it was physically impossible).

I also just wanted to say thank you to the Let’s Get Creative 2015 group on Facebook which spurred me on and inspired me to start this project. The group also provided all the catalyst words for each week. Legends!