Hey guys! 

Today I’m going to  give you a quick overview on some basic editing and how I created this image. You can read all about the motives and ideas behind this image by following this link – The Manipulation.



To photograph the image I used my Nikon D700 and a 50mm 1.8 (I have the D750 which I use now but this was taken over two years ago). I also used a ring flash which is based on the camera (fixed to the lens). I used a blank white wall and also used natural light coming from a window to my right (left from your point of view). At the time I only had a trigger lead and access to self timer so I used the lead to help me focus in the shot and then set the timer to 10 seconds. I then jumped into shot and create different poses by just experimenting with the eye shapes. For the jewels on my face I used an old necklace from New Look and broke it up into small pieces. To stick them to my face I used snazaroo special FX glue which is skin kind/friendly and it was easy enough to wash off after the shoot. (In fact it was so fun pulling it off, but I’m weird like that!)


To begin editing this image I chose two of three specific images that I wanted to play with and opened them up into Photoshop. Before I retouch and image, I usually start off by choosing the base image, and then add in the extras on top from the other images I have chosen to use. 

 So for example on this particular image, I began with the arm and the shoulder. I decided to remove the arm so that it looked like an exterior person was pulling my eye away, like I was being manipulated.

I chose a shoulder from another image from the shoot (as you will see below in my beautifully drawn diagrams) to replace the arm. To do this I used the lasso tool to move the shoulder from one image and copied and pasted it onto the base image. Once I had got the shoulder into a place I was happy with I then used the clone stamp and the paint brush tool to fill in and erase the existing arm.


Once all the basic manipulation is done, I then moved on to retouching the skin (best tutorial for skin retouching, here)

Finally I colour corrected the image using mainly curves and also sharpened the image using unsharp mask!


Ironically I titled this image is ‘The Manipulation’ – again if you missed the link at the top of this post, you can see my musings behind why I decided to shoot this idea and what channelled my to create it, here.


I hope you enjoyed this short but sweet insight into the editing of this image!