A few weeks ago I had a horrendous night terror that took over my body for what felt like a lifetime. I woke up to my morning alarm, hit snooze and within those next 9 minutes of illusive sleep I felt an awful energy consume my body. There were three different scenes to the dream, and I remember each part so vividly.

I awoke, laid in bed, in a reality that I thought was consciousness. I try to reach out to pick up my phone from the bedside table (an addictive morning ritual of mine).
I can’t move my arms, they are pinned to my sides and I feel an instant anxiety ingest my body. I look up to the wall to check the windows, and I notice the prints on the wall are moving. They seem to be dancing, almost playfully. They begin to change quickly, back and forth from one image to another, as though switching between programmes on an old analogue tv. The images are illustrations of Disney characters… I’m so confused.

Suddenly tiny stalks sprouting from inside the picture frames. I see green, and lots of it. The vines begin to grow, absorbing the wall as they creep along, covering everything in sight. I turn my eyes to the TV, a black hole has formed. The vines protrude quicker, convulsing and expanding through the room.

I blink. I blink again… and that’s when I see her.

To be continued. 1/3