Meet my friend Dennis! - Sometimes you just need to shoot yourself riding a miniature yellow ceramic balloon dinosaur, ya'no?


This was shot as part of my latest video - 'HOMESENSE PHOTOGRAPHY PROP CHALLENGE' where myself and Jo challenged ourselves to find a prop in Home Sense, create an idea and shoot it - all in the same day! It was so much fun, go check out the video below to see our decision making process & shooting: 

Also go follow Jo's instagram to see her image - Joanna Claire Photography



Jack and I took some time to reconnect in front of the camera last week. It's been a little while since we've checked in like this, and it felt lovely to be able to see US again. It reminded me perfectly why I spend my life shooting couples, so they can see and feel that too.

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Phew! I've only just found the time to sit down to edit this image (which I shot on Friday) after shooting two weddings and doing a 1-2-1 session this weekend, it's been non-stop!

I went for an eye test on Thursday and my eye prescription has changed. I've been noticing it for a few months now but only just managed to remind myself to book an appointment this past week. (This is a friendly reminder to all those that need to book an eye test, do it now haha!) After I had my test I had no time to get some new glasses so for the whole weekend I've been dealing with a slight squint in my eyes, in an effort to sharpen my vision whilst shooting the weddings! (glasses wearers will understand the pain 👌)

Anyway, my aim for this week is to get some new ones, but I lovveeeee my old Bailey Nelson ones (not spon lol) they are super cheap and comfy! 


PLAYING WITH FIRE - #HotelsWithHolly

To start my new YouTube series 'Hotels With Holly', I thought I'd kick off the season with a stop in a shepherds hut; not too far from Glastonbury! The new series will follow my travels as a wedding photographer around the country, as I stay over in some cool and quirky hotels. My aim is to shoot a conceptual image at each hotel/location to channel my creative ideas as I open myself up to new and exciting places! (Plus I get super lonely on my travels, so this keeps me distracted!)

I wanted to start with something quite abstract and whilst I was bouncing my ideas around the shepherds hut, testing out a few locations, I had a wave of anxiety about shooting in a privately owned place. I glanced to the right and began staring at a pile of logs whilst the idea formed in my mind about playing with fire. The anxiety that had overcome me seemed to have manifested itself into idea and I decided to roll with it!



I AM THRILLED TO FINALLY ANNOUNCE (to the internet world!) THAT I'LL NOW BE HOLDING SELF PORTRAIT WORKSHOPS and my very first one will be in Tunbridge Wells on the 26th May 2018. The workshop is designed to help photographers gain more confidence in creating ideas, shooting and editing conceptual self portraits. If you want to know more information about the workshop and what it will entail, leave your email address below or send me a direct message and I will send you the information brochure!!! (I'm also now offering 1-to-1 workshops tooo - message me for more info! ♥️)

- I said in yesterday's video that I had a very exciting prop/outfit to use in today's image (I sneak peeked it in Mondays video if you want to see), but I woke up this morning absolutely exhausted and wasn't mentally prepared to shoot such a heavy concept. I'm a little disappointed but I have big plans for it and I will be shooting with it in the next few weeks! With that said, I decided to keep it simple today. ★

I will be filming a reflection video on the things I've learnt from this project in the next week, along with the prop making video that I mentioned yesterday in my instagram stories. 

But for now, SLEEEEEEP! 


Watch the behind the scenes and the final day here:




I've unintentionally created a series of images about weather and the universe this week, but I kinda like how everything has turned out! I've discovered my LOVE for creating life size/large props lately, so I'm definitely going to be doing more in the future. Although, the next thing I need to invest in is somewhere to store them all - my prop room is bursting at the seams already! 😂 

Also after this image was taken, the sun popped out to say hello! ☀️YEY! I have a SUPER exciting announcement tomorrow to end the project on a high - keep an eye out! 


Watch the behind the scenes here: 


Overnight I felt a sense of vulnerability and weakness about creating this project, mainly because I'm putting so much of myself into it. I decided to release those negative thoughts in today's image and remind myself that I am my own limitation. 


Watch the behind the scenes here: 


I'm currently undertaking this project from my childhood home/parents house in the north of England this week, which means I'm staying away from my home with Jack. I have my family around me for support but I could do with seeing him right now. Today began with a lull of low energy and I wasn't mentally prepared to solve any problems or failures, I just wanted everything to pan out as smoothly as possible. Jack is a great problem solver and emotional weight lifter and I seem to fall back on him when I'm feeling not so efficient. Anyway, I gave myself a little pep talk and grabbed a coffee for an energy boost and managed to stop the moon from falling over in the wind whilst I shot away. 

I'm dedicating todays image to Jack, because we share the moon. 


Watch the behind the scenes video here:


Today I weighed up the pros and cons of running around barefoot in the freezing cold versus staying inside in the warmth. I chose to do both but the sound of the kettle boiling forced me to do the latter for a lot longer. 

As a little experiment, I filmed my behind the scenes video with a different camera today. If you want to go and see some incredible drawing skills... 👀lol, and me complaining about the cold for 5 minutes, go check it out! 


P.s I promise not to complain about the cold for the rest of the week. 


In today's image I wanted to represent the feeling I get when I receive bad news. That instant anxiety and shock I get from a few spoken words that cut in so deeply, and the paralysing effect it has on me when something has leaped out of my control. 

The day began with lots of rain and wind and so my first idea had to take a back seat to make room for my trusty back up plan. Luckily by the time I had decided to shoot, the rain let up and I ran outside to shoot my image as quick as I could. I think I shot around 10 images in total, most of which I ended up using for the final image (Yey!). I'm super relieved that it came out the way I envisioned it, because I was freezing my bum off whilst shooting! 

Watch the behind the scenes here:


YEY! The project begins!

 I began my day by gluing on the remaining flowers to an outfit I've been making for weeks. I planned to shoot it for day one but when I woke up this morning, the land was covered with fog and although it looked absolutely amazing, it wasn't going to suit my original idea. (Crossing my fingers for brighter weather in the next few days! )

I found this little guy in Home Sense a few weeks ago, the first thing I did was put my finger into his little hand, I felt a little spark and an idea popped into my mind. I put him under my arm and waltzed straight to the counter to buy him. It was a super fun morning shooting in such a beautiful atmosphere. He was pretty good companion - my mate Astronaut. 🚀

THE_FINAL copy.jpg

Behind the scenes video!