Holly Rose Stones is a fine art, surrealist and conceptual fashion photographer currently based in London/Kent. (and travels to Yorkshire a lot!).

Send over a message if you'd like to book a shoot, commission an image, enquire about editing or any other questions: info@hollyrosestones.co.uk (or use the form below!) 


Charlotte Tilbury


Original Additions

No 7 - Boots

Salon Systems

Lauras Fudge

Pink Banana Studios

'Huggle' App

Cassyette DJ


Shop Chelsea

'Badoo' App

Facebook: www.facebook.com/HRosePhotography
Twitter: www.twitter.com/hollyrosestones
Instagram: www.instagram.com/hollyrosestones

I also shoots weddings/portraits/engagements, visit my other website here: www.hollyrose.co.uk

contact: hollyrosestones@gmail.com
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